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Facebook Volley Ball Game via Remote Control

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Facebook Volley Ball Game via Remote Control


In the era of high technology, most of IT companies focus on new technologies such as Cloud Computing or N-Screen, which means most of the people has two or more smart devices and they do not want to make their data repeatedly for sharing in their devices so they want to OSMU(one-source multi-use) their personal data.

My Facebook Remote Valley Ball project will be based on these trends, making a simple valley ball game in the Facebook in-app platform. This game will be remotely controlled using user’s own smart devices such as Galaxy or iPhone and they can see their game play view through Facebook in-app pages in their laptop or PC.


I made just simple volley ball game. The most important thing is user could REMOTE control their game using their smart devices for playing game that will be played in Facebook’s in -app pages. Also we, make both Facebook in-app game using HTML5 and smartphone Web-app using NginX for making hybrid native application.


Team Leader

  • Date

    June 1, 2014

  • Skills

    HTML5, Apache Cordova, Nginx,, node.js with Jade Template, Facebook Open API, Google Cloud Compute Engine

  • Client

    Chung-Ang University

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