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Matthew love to develop the web service, so he always strive to find the modern web technologies

Matthew is Full-stack Software Engineer more than five years of experience. Specializing in the large-scale web service’s frontend and full-stack development. Since Matthew really love to develop the web service, he always strive to find the modern web technologies. My recent interests are functional programming (ES6, Scala), ReactJS, microservice architecture (Docker, Kubernetes) and development automation.

11 projects
15 K lines of code (Urhyme)
8 awards
10 years of coding

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Fullstack Development

Matthew worked as a full stack software engineer with 3+ years experience in startup's web service from end to end. He loves the rapid prototyping and its automatic configurations.

Matthew's stacks are Play! framework, Scala, Slick, MySQL (or MariaDB) for the backend (Or, Spring Boot or Node/Express is one of my preferences), ReactJS (Or, AngularJS) with ES6, Redux, Webpack, and Node.js for the frontend on the Google Cloud Platform with containers (Docker and Kubernetes) using Gitlab CI (yaml configured)

UX Comprehensible

Matthew used to become a web designer. From 1998, he learned PaintShopPro and Adobe Photoshop so that he has the profession to handle them for making the dynamic web.

Definitely, he fully understands regarding web design, and graphical terms (e.g., layering, filters like drop shadow, cropping, DOM, HTML5, CSS, LESS, SASS and so on) so that he has a good relationship with UI/UX designers. (for beers!)

Collaboration & Automation

Matthew loves development automation, and he thinks it is essential for modern web development for the startups. Since 2009, he always enthusiastically tries to find how that system will improve the quality of software within cooperative teams.

Matthew usually set up his continuous integration, deployment, and deliveries system for the microservice by using Git, Gitlab CI (or Jenkins), Docker and Kubernetes.

Cloud & Microservice

Cloud Computing (e.g., Software-defined Network, Microservice) is one of Matthew's favorite field of study. He thinks the most important things for the rapid web development is the scalable system. So, he enjoys playing with OpenStack for configuring his cloud system.

Regarding Microservice, he strives to use actor model for the concurrent and asynchronous of the backend (even frontend). If we design MSA, he thought, it is apparent to consider not only lightweight container (e.g., Docker, CoreOS) but also concurrencies (e.g., Akka).


Matthew's Experiences

Jan. 16' – Present, Urhyme, Sunnyvale, CA.
Founder & Software Engineer

    • Urhyme is a social web platform to share personal data visualization with people who have same interests.
      Developed entire core functions of social networking service (e.g. Timeline, Share, Profile) using ReactJS and NodeJS
      Designed whole backend system using Play! with Scala and Slick, and its infrastructure using GAE, Kubernetes, and Docker.
      Invited by PlugAndPlay and several pitches. Invested $2M by South Korean company

Aug. 10' - Mar. 12', Webcash Inc., Seoul, South Korea
Software Engineer

    • Webcash is a Fintech company that provide their financial scrapping technology.
      Integrated and Managed our service with many big financial companies that have large-scale web service and its different systems

Mar. 09' - Jul. 10', Elancer Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
Software Engineer

    • Published and maintained more than 20 Korean major company’s websites simultaneously by alone.

  • Java
    • JavaScript
      • Spring/Play!
        • ReactJS/Redux
          • AngularJS
            • SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle DB)
              • Functional Programming (e.g. Scala, ES6)

Matthew's playing


Matthew's mission is, Web should enhance people's welfare, and he wants to build a human-centered web service to help to improve people's life. We are living in the era of artificial intelligence and bunch of data through the Internet. Everyone can develop web, but they have some shortage if they do not fully understand the origin of Web. Since Matthew has been developing Web for about 20 years included his personal experience, he can build a human-centered web service to help people by handling a bunch of data and many different web technologies using his full-stack abilities. Also, he thought Web is one of art format. That's why he keeps learning from User Experiences.

Urhyme is one of Matthew's starting point to achieve his mission. Let's see how he can change the people's life developing the human-centered web service.


Matthew is open to hearing about new opportunities and having interesting discussions related to design and technology. The best way to reach him is through my LinkedIn, but feel free to send me a message and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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